BEO Integration


Living with a Beohome

Technology should make life more enjoyable, yet simpler at the same time. It is all about embracing new technologies and features, whilst still keeping it as simple as possible.

7:00 AM

Start your day

As the shades go up to let the morning light in, your favourite music starts to fade in and the house warms to your desired temperature.

8:00 AM

Leave home with ease

Use pre-set scenes to optimize your day — simply tap “Away” to turn off the lights and lock your home to get out the door faster.

11:00 AM

Access home from the office

Delivery at home? No problem. Monitor and grant access to gates and doors in your home remotely. Close and lock everything once it’s done with a tap.

4:00 PM

Prepare to unwind after work

Heat up the hot tub on your way home and take a moment for yourself. Auto adjust outdoor ambience to your preferred settings and set it to ‘away’ to save energy when you’re not home.

6:00 PM

Make yourself at home

Your house lights up upon your entrance. Turn on your favourite playlist and set it to play throughout your entire house or individual rooms. You’re in full control.

8:00 PM

Movie night has a brand new meaning

The perfect movie night is enhanced by powerful sound systems. With a single tap, the movie starts to play, the lights dim and there’s nothing left to do but enjoy quality time with your family.

10:00 PM

Your entire home at a touch

Relax in bed while reading your favourite book. No need for anything else as the lights are set to automatically go off. Control the curtains and countless other objects with your phone or directly via the BeoRemote.